Sustainable Livelihood through Recycled Newspaper Pencils and Pens

Recycled paper pens and pencils provide sustainable livelihood to more than Forty tribal women and youth in Kalahandi and Nuapad districts of Odisha. In addition to their wages, these women and youth earn a decent profit as a group. The whole intention of this profit is, community building.

“Tanamtra Consulting Pvt Ltd”, the corporate wing of Solutions2Change helps this group of tribals to market their products locally and internationally to have an annual sustainable income.

We welcome your generous support in purchasing the pens and pencils

Environment Friendly Pencil

Billions of trees are cut worldwide to make pencils. We only use recycled newspaper and wastepaper to make environment friendly pencils. These pencils not only save trees from being cut but also help in planting new trees and inculcate the idea of growing more trees in children and adults ( alike ). There is a capsule filled with seeds of different plants, which can be planted in the kitchen garden or similar areas.

An average grown tree is saved and instead we produce 2500 recycled paper pencils. We target to save and plant 5,000,000 ( 5 million / 50 Lakh ) trees by the end 2025,

We request you to help us save as many trees .

Environment Friendly Pens

Plastic is easily available and is very economical. On the flip side it has a hazardous and visible effect on the environment. In our sincere effort to curb rampant use of plastic, we produce recycled paper pens. These pens dissolve and grow into a new plant after being used.

Kindly buy our environment friendly pens and say a STRICT NO TO PLASTIC USE.

Lead India Change India


Lead India Change India is a fun Learning platform designed to bring awareness amongst children towards Student Social Responsibility. It is a pan India competition-based model of learning and contribution towards the betterment of our society by the students. Children learn about different social issues through animation films and comics, and are then encouraged to take up community development projects in their respective campuses or communities.

We aim to involve a minimum of 1,000,000
( 1 Million / 10 Lakh ) school children across India through this program
Lead India Change India Challenge 2018-19
Art – Writing – Singing

Social Awarness through Creative Medium

Solutions2Change uses Creative Medium of Animation Films and Comics to spread awareness about the importance of social issues. This imparts long-lasting learning impression in the human minds and encourages one and all to take active part in the betterment of their surrounding areas.

Ground Zero Programme

Coming soon

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